Visitors using the interactive screens during the Tour Bernabéu

Take part in “The Bernabéu Challenge” to win a personalized jersey!

Every month a personalised jersey will be drawn amongst the visitors who take part in "The Bernabéu Challenge".

Visit us and enjoy the Tour Bernabéu experience. This year we have prepared a very special game to celebrate our 20th anniversary with you.

It’s a challenge for all our visitors. If you want to take part and be able to win a personalised official jersey, you will have to observe each exhibition and room on the tour, you can’t miss any details, as at the end of your visit you will have to answer 5 questions related to the Tour Bernabéu and leave the answers in a box located in the last part of the journey.

Every month we will have a draw, among the participants who correctly answers all the questions, for a personalized jersey. Good luck!

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