First Copa del Rey trophy

Find out the April piece exclusively! The first Copa del Rey

Each month you will find a selection of the exhibits in the Museum and you will find out interesting facts about them.

If you think you already know everything about  Real Madrid, you are very wrong. Take the opportunity offered by the  Tour Bernabéu on its  20th anniversary to learn more about some of the trophies and objects that are on display on the  tour .

Every month we will select a unique piece and we will give you more information and unique anecdotes about these objects and trophies. The April piece is the first official trophy Real Madrid won, the Copa del Rey, won by the Whites in 1905.

Three teams competed that year in the Spanish Championship: Athletic de Bilbao, San Sebastian Recreation Club and Madrid Foot Ball Club. The draw meant that the first duel was between the team from San Sebastian and the team from Madrid. Madrid came out on top, winning 3-0 and so began to dream of winning the first official title.

On the same setting, the field that was built between the walls of the Retiro and the Tiro de la Paloma, property of Athletic Club, Madrid celebrated its first Copa del Rey. Although Athletic Bilbao put up a fight, a Prast goal sealed the match. The team that was crowned champions on April 18, 1905 was composed of: Mayor; Álvarez, Berraondo; Bisbal, Lizarraga, Normand; Parages, Prast, Alonso, Revuelto and Yarza.

At the Café Inglés, the Madrid directors put on a dinner for the participating clubs. After the desserts, and the speeches, a glass of champagne was raised met by cheers from those present.