Screens inside the Tour Bernabéu Sensations Room

Celebrate the year of your birth thanks to the Tour Bernabéu!

All those born in 1999 will be able to visit the Tour Bernabéu free of charge.

This year, the Tour Bernabéu is celebrating its 20th anniversary. If you were born in 1999 as well, you're in luck.

Anyone born in the year 1999 can take the Tour Bernabéu free of charge, with the only condition being that you come accompanied by, at least, one other person. To take advantage of this special gift the Tour Bernabéu is offering just for you, for having been born in 1999, you must be registered or be a holder of the Madridista Card, and your companion must purchase a ticket for the Tour Bernabéu.

Manage your invitation by sending an email to and don't forget to bring your DNI (ID) on the day of your visit. If you haven't registered yet, you can do so here: